Thursday, May 28, 2015

Music Videos Rock

In my music video team is Brandi Baligad. We are the only team of two people but it hasn't been that difficult to find people to help us film over the weekend. Hannah, Sophia and Brandi all came to my house and we filmed a bit on my trampoline and then went to the beach until dark so that we could use glow sticks. It was a really fun time to film because the weather was perfect. The clouds cleared up just before we headed to the beach, which was a great thing. We both tried to get the camera from Sophia because it was our project, so we were supposed to film. She wouldn't let us take it from her so we were in most of the footage.

I think our audience will enjoy the bloopers most of all because they're really funny. I also think that the audience would enjoy the overall video because I personally think that the images draw you in and you want to see more. It turned out really awesome and amazing! I'm really proud and have no regrets. Every single person that I show the video to is blown away and they are all like, "How, how? This is amazing!" And we're like, "Yah, we're just that awesome."

Our music video shows all of the skills that we've obtained through the three years of being a part of the Gifted and Talented program. This is one of my favorite classes. The first picture is of our music video in the editing process. The second picture is at the beach when we took a little break from filming. I had a really good time filming and putting together our project. It shows how talented and skilled we are as students. I hope you enjoy our finished music video, Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

My favorite song is Immortals by Fall Out Boy. I really like the lyrics because they pump me up. Whenever I hear that song I suddenly feel excited. Even when I'm really sad about something, that song always cheers me up. I even made it my ringtone whenever someone calls me. The time that I really got excited is when I went to the movies and watched Big Hero 6. When the song started playing, I freaked out and my mom was looking at me like, "strange child, I don't know you." I didn't care though.

In my music video team is Brandi Baligad. We chose the song 4th of July by Fall Out Boy. She never heard the song before  but i convinced her that it was meant to be the song chosen for our music video project. We are the only team with two people in it. All of the other team have three to four people. I think that we can still complete the project just as well as the other students because we are both advanced students who have been in the G.T. program for three years. Over that time span, we've both learned a lot of skills needed for media projects.

Our song doesn't have a music video made already, so we have nothing to reference for the whole story part of it. We had to come up with a story by ourselves and hope that our teacher, Mr. Sanderl, liked it. Thankfully, he gave us a 4/4 on the pitch. The story is about two girls who are best friends and have an awesome summer together. Once the next school year comes, they get separated and don't get to see each other very often. Most of the music video is showing the fun summer and towards the end it's going to show how the two friends get separated.

For the whole filming thing, we're going to have our friends Hannah and Sophia help to add more people to the story. It would look really weird to have one camera person and only one person in the shot for the whole music video, it would look really empty. We're planning on filming on my trampoline and at the beach in the dark with glow sticks and flashlights.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Animation Story

In my team, I have Wailana Makepa and Leslie Acoba. We're team number 8. Wailana and Leslie are both great teammates and are really easy to work with. Our focus statement is, Skippy Defeats Gum Monster. I think that this animation is really creative and unique. The main part of the story is about a girl, Wailana, who gets gum stuck in her hair. The way she gets it out is by using peanut butter. In our animation, we enhanced the actual incident by making the gum come to life, AKA, the gum monster. The peanut butter becomes Captain Skippy and he helps Wailana defeat the evil gum monster and get him out of her hair.

The main lesson of our animation is to teach the audience that thinking out of the box can help you to get out of a "sticky situation." Our animation shows this because who would think that peanut butter can get gum out of your hair? I personally would just cut my hair because I wouldn't know any other way to get it out. Now because I watched this animation, I know not to cut my hair and that peanut butter is a better way to solve the problem.

I think that my team really didn't have any problems with completing this assignment. The only thing that got in our way was the time limit on the two scene teaser. We had the two scenes but they weren't long enough. We had to scrape for time by adding another scene. We just made the time, 24 seconds. It doesn't sound like much but once you try animating something, you'll quickly see that it's more difficult than it looks. Other than that little bump in the road, my team was really successful in completing this animation. I really like how it turned out. It looks very interesting and keeps the viewer watching until the very end.

In the critique, my team's animation was voted the best overall out of the whole class. We got 48.3% of the votes. In the actual critique, I think we succeeded greatly because almost the entire class said that we went above and beyond the requirements. I also think that because we took the time to film and paid attention to the little details that other teams didn't think to pay attention to. We did a really good job editing and placing the voiceovers in the perfect spot so that it made sense to the audience.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Animation Outtakes

Our new project is an animation project about some type of experience that one of your teammates went through. In my team is Leslie and Wailana. Wailana is the star of the animation because our whole animation is about getting a piece of gum stuck in her hair. We enhanced the incident by making the gum morph into a gum monster. Wailana used peanut butter to get the gum out in real life so we created Skippy the peanut butter man who helps Wailana get rid of the gum monster.

GIF animation is a set of standards and file format for storage of digital color images and short animations. Below is an example of a GIF animation. To create a GIF, all you need is about five photos and a program like PhotoShop. When using PhotoShop, click File > Scripts >Load Files Into Stack. Then go to the animation options panel, click Make Frames From Layers > Reverse Frames. Then you can arrange the pictures in the order that you like. Once finished, click File > Export > Render Video. Size > HDV/HDTV 720p Frame Rate 30 fps (frames per second).

Stop-Motion animation, also called stop-action photography, is a special effect, carried out while shooting, in which the performers stop their motion and the camera is stopped while an object or performer is added to or removed from the scene, with camera movement and action resumed for the remainder of the scene. This type of animation can be used to create an illusion of sudden appearance or disappearance of persons or objects.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Typography Images

Our current project is a typography portrait. Typography portraits, I think, look really interesting because of all of the different words intertwined within the image. This type of photography can be used to make a lasting impact because it leads the viewers eye all throughout the image of this person and they keep their eyes on the image longer that a regular photograph. I also think that this keeps the viewers eye intact with the image because it's interesting to read all of the words that describe this person and you get to know them a little better with each word you read off of their face.

I think that my biggest challenge during this project was aligning the words to fit perfectly on the image so that it looks more than interesting. I figured out that I just needed to concentrate and keep trying different methods to copy and paste the words onto the portrait. I finally got the words to cooperate with me and I think my finished product looks really cool. I think I could've made the words a little smaller so that it could look more tightly woven.

My first image is of an innovator, Steve Jobs, who I think is a real genius. He was really smart and didn't go around bragging to other people about his success. That's what I liked about him and that is also why I picked him. I also think that the picture I chose adds to the overall impact of the image because, unlike everyone else, the background is black instead of white or a creamy color. I liked that the background was black and I personally like it better that if it where to be white.

My second image is of my former Science teacher, Mrs. Ruvalcaba. She was my favorite science teacher of all time! She made learning fun and exciting while also being educational. I really look up to her because she is such a great life example.

This is my NOT FINISHED, in progress, typography image of myself. As you can see, the words on my face can be easily read. I think that these words describe my personality most of all, like the fact that I am really athletic and also artistic. My favorite sport is soccer and I just recently went on a soccer tournament with my HYSA team in Oahu. Some words you can find in my image are Ocean, Paint, Travel, Awesome, Adventure, Technology, and Doodle.

Now this is my finished image. I feel really proud of it because it looks really cool and the words describe me. I also like the colors that I chose for this because it adds to how cool it looks. I used different words than in my not finished image though. Instead, I used the words Paint, Doodle, and Technology because the stamp fit better in most of it. I also used a pattern effect in the mint green area in my face. If you can read it, it's my original text of the words that describe me. I made a pattern out of it and now it looks even better.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

Portrait Photography is a picture of someone's face when you can see both of their eyes. In our recent project, we are taking profile pictures. A profile is when you can see only half of someone's face. We take the profiles and upload them into PhotoShop and with a few steps, you've made a double exposed image. I'm really excited about making these because they look really cool. These different terms are all related because they are all connected somehow.

In Photoshop, you load your profile image and some other images of nature or some things that describe you. You'll need at least 2 pictures of your "symbols" or, things that describe you. Then you have to Dodge the image. Dodging the image is creating the white space all around your body. It's almost like you're painting around yourself in PhotoShop. I would like to make these images because they just look super awesome. I think it's one way to express yourself through pictures and it always turns out really cool.
The Symbol under the Hand is the Dodge Tool.
The symbolism in my two examples are of nature and some of my hobbies. The picture on the top is my "Practice" image. It has a picture of the trees and sky along with a flower. I took these pictures at school in one of the grassy areas and I think it turned out really cool. The picture on the bottom is of my computer and headphones, and also a picture of my soccer ball and cleats. I think these pictures describe me because I love playing soccer and I also like going on my computer an listening to music.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HDR Photography

HDR Photography stands for High Dynamic Range. Most HDR photos look surreal or "enhanced."
Viewers say this because of how vibrant or colorful exposures or, amount of light. I personally like how these photos look because it looks exactly how your eyes would see something in real life. For example, if you are at the beach and see a sunset, it looks so colorful, but when you try to take a picture of it, it doesn't quite look the same. HDR pictures are composed of an average of five photos, all taken at different

To take an HDR image, you first need to put your camera on a tripod so it won't move. Next, you need to adjust your exposure to -3. The exposure button looks like this, +/-. Once you've adjusted the exposure, you take one picture. Then you change the exposure to -2. You keep repeating this process until you reach +3. Then, you put all of these pictures in photoshop. To import them correctly, you click File>Automate>Merge to HDR Pro. It will take a couple of minutes to import, but the finished product will look amazing. Once they are all imported, you can customize your settings like the "exposure" or "Vibrance."

Some phones have the automatic HDR function but the finished product is not even close to creating an HDR image yourself. The automatic functions make photos look "awesome" to people who don't even know what an HDR image is. They think it's just an enhancement to their photo. It doesn't even make the photo look like a real HDR image. Plus, you can customize how the image looks when you create it yourself in Photoshop.

When I created my HDR pictures, my thought process was about how awesome this photo was going to look after I finish, if I didn't mess up. It's not that hard to correct your mistakes in photoshop because they have this amazing feature called, command Z! It undos your last move in photoshop so it helps out a lot. Also, I was thinking of how to make this photo POP!

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